Bades & Tyz

2003 was the year our lives grew from being that of a carefree, impulsive and happy couple... into a phenomenal family of four. We were blessed with a beautiful little boy and a gorgeous little girl, who decided to come as a pair and enhance the joy in our lives in too many immeasurable ways to count.

Children don't have to change your life, but we were ready and willing for ours too. Tyra and Baden are the number one reason for all that we do. The example we set for them will set the foundations for who they are and who they will be, and we take that responsibility seriously.

They are great kids (of course as their mum I am bias) and they have dealt with their dad having cancer with more grace and understanding that many adults could. they ate two of the most resilient people i know. We have tried to keep life as normal for them at home as possible. While Brendan and I are away for sometimes a week at a time, during treatments, their grandmother stays here in their home with them. Keeping them in their own surroundings, with the comfort of their own things around them and having their friends to play with after school is very important to that normality. 

Besides their family; their grandparents, auntie's, uncles, and cousins...the other person who has played a vital role in supporting them through their dad's cancer throughout the first year and then some - of his treatment is their class teacher Miss Smithhurst, and we will be forever grateful to them all.

I now have a much stronger belief that kids understand plenty when it comes to what is happening within their family, and the world around them. They are also very good at finding ways to cope with what's happening. One way of doing that in situations like my family have found ourselves in, is for them to feel like they're helping. They don't want us to hide things from them, they want us to allow them to participate in this part of their life as much as any other part. They want us to tell them what's going on [in an age appropriate way] so that they don't have to guess. That way they know where things are at and can be assured that everything is OK, so they can get on with the everyday fun of hanging out with friends, doing the normal things kids do and lending a helping hand when and where they can.

So far this all seems to be working really well.

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma

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