It’s important for me to make it clear from the outset that everything I share through this blog is done so completely from my perspective. Timelines are as accurate as my memory allows, and as busy as we are sometimes there may be some discrepancies.

The views expressed here are mine and mine alone, they come without any medical knowledge, and completely from how I see the experiences we are going through, and how I perceive the people and actions of those involved in those experiences. I don't claim the way I see things to be right or wrong, simply the way they look to me from my vantage point.

I have absolutely no idea what it must feel like for Brendan to be going through all he has to endure, that's just not possible. I do know though how it feels to watch him, and our children go through this ordeal. As a wife and mum, on the bad days it is heartrendingly unbearable. Yet the good days, our new normal days are just that...normal. Then there are the exceptional days, those where my husband takes a massive leap forward with grace and sometimes humour, or my children will show courage and understanding beyond their years. These are the days that I am incredibly grateful for all that I have. And all I can say is thank you.

As for who I am, well that's a good question. I hope most see me as being kind, loyal, positive, relaxed, dependable, capable and most times good company. I know for a fact that I am happy, way too talkative and have a talent for losing my keys between our garage and the kitchen bench, which is all of a few meters. Tripping over thin air in flat shoes or no shoes at all is something I excel at ...which is ironic as back in the day I was extremely good at running in stiletto's, while holding a glass of wine, without spilling a drop!

Recently I have proved to myself that I am stronger than I ever imagined, and can still find a rainbow in a dark cloud if I focus my intent, while looking for the silver lining. This doesn't mean that I don't have a firm grasp on reality; you can't be where I have been in since Brendan's diagnosis without getting incredibly real. It simply means I am still willing to try to stand up and move forward no matter the cards that are dealt.

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma


  1. I love how u can run it stiletto's n not spilling a drop of wine, yet u trip up wearing flats, so funny Callie.

  2. Haha..I have just discovered this comment. Running in stilettos is a skill that needs consistent practice that I am afraid I am not nearly as good at now. Oh I wish I had more reason to wear them these days! I still have no trouble tripping over thin air in flats though :)
    I'm not sure who I'm talking to here as you have come through comments as Unknown..I'm so sorry for the late reply xx