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I love to write, it is something I have enjoyed all my life. When I was much younger I remember swapping letters with my Aunty Lynne; her letters were always so interesting… stories of the adventures my family were enjoying up on the Tweed. This inspired me to keep my own journals, way back before the internet had ever looked like becoming a part of our every day living. I would write in them, usually daily, for years at a time. Before letting them go, when that part of my story was complete.

I came to blogging late; it was on the 17/04/2011 that I shared my first post, and I have been blogging ever since. My posts were originally for my own entertainment and that of my family and friends. And then in the June of 2014 my family’s story changed course. It was now I found that continuing to share our story through my blog, was the easiest way to keep our family and friends updated on Brendan’s progress with his cancer treatment and recovery. I had no idea at the time how many of you guys would come along for the ride, and think it is wonderful that you care enough to read along with us.

A year into blogging about my husbands battle with cancer, something happened that made me reconsider whether I would go on sharing our story publicly. After much consideration and discussion with my husband and other family members at the time; I  decided  to continue writing our story. To be honest it is the easiest way to keep those who care about Brendan and our little family updated on his progress. As it looks like this part of our story is ongoing for now; even though things get a little raw at times, we still have much to share... and will continue to, with all that are interested. Not only to keep the updates coming, but also for anyone who may find what I write about helpful.

I have created this new blog; the story of us, to focus completely on documenting our story moving forward. I have also added an archive link to the first year of posts about Brendan's diagnosis and treatment from calliemm

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma

For anyone curious...below is the first blog post I ever published back in April 2011; I have added it here as it is about how our story started… a very serendipitous moment in time!

Serendipity...how I met my husband

 Published on
17/04/2011 21:16
Pacific Daylight Time

The first thing I will share here is that it truly was fate or serendipity ....the night my husband and I met. I had been single for about a year. I was not long out of a relationship and wasn’t really looking for "the one"....in fact I had embraced my singledom and was planning a trip to Peru with a girlfriend; who had just introduced me back into the world of metaphysics. I was reading The Celestine Prophesies at the time, which would play a part in how I met my husband on the night in question. It was 1995.

There is a part in the Celestine Prophesies where the lead character is told or tells someone [I'm going back almost 20 years here...so forgive my vagueness] that when you make eye contact with a stranger you should follow it up, as there is meaning behind that chance moment.

There where many serendipitous moments on the night Brendan and I met, which started the moment our eyes first met. Vikk and I decided that we weren't going to go out in our town that night, preferring to head to a club in a small town half an hours drive down the coast. When we got there, the club was closed for renovations, so we turned around and went back to a pub in town. This was the first time Bren and I would run into each other..... serendipity, [he told me later that it was unusual for him to be out and about in town, as he lived further inland and was only out for a mates farewell...serendipity]. 

When Vikk and I left and went to another pub around the corner; it wasn't long before Bren and I ended up at the same place for the second time that night. He was across the room and our eyes met again...serendipity. So now I decided to take some advice from the Prophesies and went up to him and said hello. I’m not usually that forward but I had to follow the signs :) ...  we started to chat and as it turned out, he already had a vague idea of who I was, as we had friends in common along with family of mine that would later become his...serendipity. To this day we can’t agree on what my opening line was…but I’m glad I found the courage to use it.

When he introduced himself, he told me that he was actually a long time friend of my brother-in-laws younger brother...serendipity. How we never ran into each other before that night; I don't know... I guess we just had to wait for serendipity to bring us together.

The rest as they say is history…thank goodness for unexpected grace.

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