Strong, funny, annoying in a lovable way (& only he will know what I mean there), passionate (especially about Volkswagen's) and, I think, very good looking. My husband is literally my go to guy about pretty much everything. We met by chance almost 20 years ago and  have been inseparable for better or for worse pretty much ever since.

Brendan has been athletic for as long as I have known him, with a heart that gets the job done, whatever that job is. For many years triathlon was his sport of choice, along with surfing. And now as he fights the good fight against cancer I am grateful for both the physical and mental strength, and the self awareness those two sports have afforded him.

It was through consistent exercise and knowing his body well that he first realised something was wrong with his leg. By June of 2014 he was diagnosed with a undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma in his right leg. Six months of treatment would follow and by December he received the awesome news that the treatment had worked and there were no detectable cancer cells to be found in his body.

We were overjoyed, but that joy was short lived as by February a new lump came up at the site of his original cancer, by the end of March he had lost his leg above the knee...and the fight was on again.

In the space of a year Brendan's life has been turned upside down, and the children's and mine along with it.
This however is not a sad story from where I stand, because my family is still together. We are stronger than we have ever been, and we have more love in our lives than we could ever have imagined.

Do I wish my husband never got cancer? Absolutely! And I cannot wait till the day it is gone. Until then... I and we as a family will continue to enjoy our lives together, love each other, love our families and friends, and make sure that we can fit as much fun and laughter into our days as possible. You have to bank that s**t to get you through the tough days, those days that things like chemotherapy and disappointing results can bring.

As we take the ups with the downs and our story continues to unfold, I simply have to look to my husband for direction. I am in awe of his unwavering strength, both physically and mentally. He has an attitude than can not be taught, in spending time with him you can only hope a little will rub off on you too.

Can he still push my buttons and get me crankier than you could imagine at lightning speed? You bet! Because he will always be my husband first and a cancer patient second as far as I'm concerned... and I don't think he'd have it any other way. But of course, you'd have to ask him that :)

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