Saturday, 12 March 2016

Getting Commando fit!

So this happened today! My family along with 100 other locals had the opportunity to train with Steve Willis, the much loved and sometimes feared trainer from Australia’s The Biggest Loser.
There were many inspiring individuals out there giving it a fair crack today…none more so though than Brendan. He ran, he did push ups, walking lunges  and at one stage threw his leg off to do burpee’s on one leg because it was easier than doing them with his prosthetic on.
Mmm…yep I was impressed.
Tyz and Bade’s did the complete work out too and I was proud of my entire family. No I didn’t join in as I was my husband’s leg spotter. We weren’t sure how often he was going to need me to help him pop his leg on and off through the training session…as it turned out, not very often…so I guess next time I’m training too!
Lifes good and Hope is Limitless!
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