Tuesday, 1 March 2016

01 March 16 ... Food for thought

For years Brendan and I would settle down on the lounge most nights and relax together after the kids had gone to bed. I would put my favourite show on and he would sit with the laptop on his lap researching all things Volkswagen.

Almost 2 years ago we stopped doing this. Since Brendan's cancer diagnosis neither he nor I ever sit a laptop on our laps, and we do not allow the kids to either. I am not saying that radiation from the laptop contributed to the cancer Brendan has; we will probably never know the answer to the what caused it question, but I often wonder if it is just a coincidence that the primary tumour in his right leg occurred where the heat from the laptop radiated. There is also a smaller tumour in the exact same spot in his left femur (that we know has been there since diagnosis) and is now being managed - is that also just too much of a coincidence not to at least take preventative action?

 It's not that hard to sit a laptop on a table, desk or stool - just on the off chance that having a device sitting on your legs could cause you harm. Well that’s my line of thought now anyway and I feel strongly enough about it to share here.

If in doubt…don’t do it - is not a bad rule of thumb.

The image with this post is what the top of the vinyl stool now looks like since becoming Brendan’s laptop holder.  It didn’t have a mark on it 18 months ago!

We are constantly surrounded by Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation; it is found in many devices we use daily and has long been considered safe? Opinions as to whether electromagnetic radiation is capable of affecting our health negatively should definitely be up for discussion, and like with most things opinions are varied depending on individual experiences, and on what and how the energy is being used.

Always do your own research when it comes to the important things, well all things...in life. You only get one!

At the very least I would say it’s probably a good idea to get yourself and those you love out in nature and away from the modern devices we so heavily rely upon - as often as possible.

Oh and I don't put my phone in my pockets for any length of time either, nor would I put it in my bra...and no not because it would probably slip straight through!

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PS: You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.
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  1. You're touching on a concern that both Kim and I have researched from our own curiosity. We hired a device last year that reads EMF (electro magnetic force) and we were astounded to read the results coming from our micro wave oven, click radio and wireless computer. We also have our home unit situated above the electrical boxes of 12 other units.
    Just from reading and making enquiries we have so much information it is scarey. I have since purchased a EMF phone sock that minimisers EMF to my brain.
    I was diagnosed with a meningioma 15 years ago. It is behind my right ear (where I speak and hear on my mobile phone). I get my meningioma checked yearly and so far it hasn't grown enough to cause concern and I trust it will stay that way.
    I am convinced it's only a matter of time before links are found between EMF and tumors. There are so many cases of brain cancer especially with young children. I feel ill when I see so many kids playing with phones, iPads etc.
    all we can do is minimise use of phones where possible and pass on our thoughts wherever possible. I have been known to speak to strangers ie teenagers who I see carrying their phones in their bras. I get a weird look but it makes me feel so much better.

  2. Wow Maz, thanks for sharing. Yep I felt like I had to share my thoughts on this topic too. I was talking to another friend today about EMF and she feels the same. It is very scary stuff and needs some attention xx