Tuesday, 9 February 2016

9 Feb 16 ... weddings, planes and a beautiful baby!

It has been a long time between flights for me; so to say I was a little nervous about hopping on a plane for Melbourne last Friday - would be correct! It had been 17 years almost to the month since Brendan and I had flown to Western Australia to visit his brother Lindsay as an extended honeymoon in the March of 1999. I had forgotten how bumpy it can be. 

Now we were heading to Melbourne to celebrate Lindsay's wedding to Felicity on our wedding anniversary, making the 6th of February a very special day indeed.

There was much excitement and anticipation of the days ahead as we pulled into the car park at Newcastle airport, this was the first time in a plane for both Tyz and Bades and the first time travelling by air for Brendan with his prosthetic. Logistically what could have been a nightmare seemed to be very manageable and comfortable enough, if it wasn't Bren didn't say.  The super long walk to baggage collection was testing and stepping out into a balmy Melbourne summer's day of 18 degrees was surprising. I'm sure unseasonable even for Melbourne ... I wondered if this would be the start of four seasons in 4 days? Not really, the weather did get progressively warmer and was really quite pleasant. Saturday turned out to be very hot, which in light of the cooler days leading into it, this was a shame for all the men overheating in their suits!

We spent a lovely three days in a cute seaside town called Ocean Grove in a small townhouse just up the hill and around the corner from the beach, and I am just a bit disappointed we didn't get time to dip our toes into Bass Strait. Oh...and note to my one legged husband - when booking accommodation online...two story accommodation looks lovely but isn't always practical! :)

We were picked up from our accommodation on saturday afternoon by the wedding shuttle at 3:30pm for the 4pm nuptials and were dropped at a beautiful outdoor location at Oakdene Vineyards. Brendan stood up as a witness and was very proud to do so for his brother and new sister in-law. Being overcome briefly by emotion while signing the paperwork took him by surprise, but added an incredible depth of beauty and feeling as the ceremony wrapped up.

Emotion that may have even been surpassed by the depth of feeling delivered in his speech later that night; which was full of love and contained just enough humour to lighten the mood. I'm sure the meaning was not lost on anyone, made obvious by how many of Lindsay's mates came over to congratulate Bren on his brief but heartfelt words afterward.

It was a lovely wedding. We drank good wine, ate nice food and enjoyed fabulous company as we both made a point of trying to at least say hello to as many of the 35 guests as we could. I met people that I clicked with immediately and felt a tinge of sadness to think we might not meet again because of distance. And we danced!

By far though; it was meeting our baby niece Tayla that was the most special part of the entire weekend. And yes, when her uncle held her for the first time it bought us both undone, along with Brens mum who was standing beside us. It was hard to explain to those nearby; as the post wedding brunch was coming to an end - why the three of us were in tears looking at this precious child in Uncle Brendan's arms. Yet it is a feeling I will always remember...my absolute joy at having my husband with me for all of these precious moments that life gives to us freely and his sheer joy and relief to be here to enjoy them.

Life is good and hope is limitless

Cal xx

Oh and before I forget - I have to wish Margaret (Brens Mum) a very Happy Birthday for yesterday. A prouder Mum I have not seen; as she enjoyed a rare get together with her three children, their partners and her four beautiful grandchildren all in one place at one time on her birthday weekend, with her husband Len. It was wonderful. xx

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a Garden Wedding at Oakdene Vineyards

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