Wednesday, 20 January 2016

20 Jan 16 - Holidays a Wedding and an upcoming Oncology Review - Lifes Busy

Today was hopefully our last busy rush in town before the holidays are over, for the next week it's relaxation mode only! 

While Bren was at the doctor, I took Tyz and Bades to stock up on all the pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, USB sticks and other paraphernalia they may need as they ready themselves for high school. Who knew that Office Works could be so much fun?

It was a day of ups and downs though, as this cancer stuff can still sit you on your arse, sometimes when you least expect it over the smallest things. Like when my husband and I were sitting on the back veranda after he had just put me through an extremely hot training session. We looked at each other as I was trying to get my breath back and he said “only a week until they go back to school” and he started to cry, which made me cry.

Bren explained that he really wanted to do something special with the kids these holidays because they had missed out on so much lately and I agreed; I did too. Cancer sucks, but at least we were at home with them. They got to spend lots of time with their friends, they spent time at the beach, they shopped and they got to pool hop between the Cutlers and the Saunders’.

They spent time in Sydney, went to the Troy Bayliss Classic and surfed more than a few times. They watched their dad do things that people with two legs find difficult, including paddling out the back on his surfboard, duck diving under waves on his board (something I’ve personally never done, but it doesn’t look like a synch minus a leg), and he rode a few nice waves in on his tummy, all for the first time - without assistance!  I can only imagine what he’ll do in the future if he gets himself a water leg!

I realised that we may not have had the holiday we hoped we would; as far as going places and doing things goes, exhaustion from the gruelling year that was is still sitting squarely on our shoulders. It weighs you down and doesn’t leave you with a lot of options, but I think we had a pretty good holiday at home anyway, and when you live where we do that’s not a bad holiday.

I also realised that we are raising two of the most resilient people I know. 

Which is just as well as we are about to get really busy again! The Kids go back to school on the 28th (I think-must check!) Then on 4th the four of us head to Melbourne for Brendan’s brothers wedding on the 6th- (first plane trip for Tyz and Bades, first plane trip for Bren without his leg, first time driving in Melbourne for me…should be interesting, will be stressful and hopefully lots of fun!) It’s also our 17th wedding anniversary on the 6th…hopefully it will be a date that is as lucky for Lindsay & Felicity as it has been for us! (as far as marriages go – bloody cancer aside) And then we come home on the 8th … which is Bren’s mum’s birthday. 

Hopefully with some great pictures.

We are home for a few days before heading down to Sydney; somewhere around the 12th (to be confirmed) for Brendan’s next oncology review - we have our fingers, toes and anything else crossable crossed for good results! 

Phew I’m exhausted all over again!

Life's good and hope is limitless

Cal xx 

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.

PS: I would like to send out a quick hello and a big thank you to the lovely lady who waited for our family to come out of the elevator at the shopping centre today.

When we went to walk past her she asked if I was Callie, I said yes and she explained that we didn’t know her but she had been following our story through my blog and had been inspired by it, especially after losing her Mum. We spoke very briefly, I thanked her and we hugged. We were no longer strangers.

This has happened many times to both Bren and I; separately & when we have been together, even once when we were in Sydney, since we began sharing our story after Bren was diagnosed.  Although we originally started sharing so that family and friends were all getting accurate information about Brendan’s treatment and recovery straight from us, it’s pretty awesome to find out that what we share is also helping others in some small way.

PSS: Have you joined our facebook group: If you are on facebook it is a great way to connect and share :) 

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