Monday, 16 November 2015

16 Nov 15 ... let the fun begin

Me & The PT
Cloud nine is a great place to be! It's really comfy here; I'm hoping we can hangout for a long, long time.
Today we got to get back to a bit of normality. Other than some Radiation coming up and another trip to Sydney on Thursday for the consult for that, we have a few months of treatment at home before the next review. The sigh of relief this brings is enormous.

This morning just felt like a normal day... which is an amazing feeling, granted it is a new kind of normal, especially for Brendan, but to have some space to breathe...I can't find the words to explain how good that feels.

So; this morning the kids had left for school and we were doing the after breakfast clean up, when my husband looked at me with concern. Which was odd; because the whole weekend had been mushy, you know...lots of goofy smiling at each other, followed by plenty of kissing. Sorry, grossing out the younger generation...but us 40/50 somethings, still kiss :)
I was a little wary. And then he said, "Do you want to start training again?" 
Shit!!! The PT was back, and there was nowhere to hide. 

Now I knew we had our lives back! I of course said, yes!" Even if I'm not sure that I meant it in that moment... but it was time. So yes it is, and today I did my first lot of training with my husband since his diagnosis. All went well until I pulled a muscle in my groin...I know! Bloody walking lunges bought me undone. Holy crap I've got some work to do, lucky I had a great PT to help me keep going! I’ve said it before; if he can train me…he can train anyone.

Stay tuned for the training challenges, progress and maybe the odd fight ahead (apparently I can be a bit of a sooky lala) ...I have a feeling there will be plenty to write about! 

Wish me Luck - and I have to say... it will be nice to feel physically strong again!

See! Life is good and hope is limitless :)
Cal xx

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.

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