Thursday, 29 October 2015

29 Oct 15 ... fight song

Not long ago a friend asked if Brendan and I had a fight Song! You know that song that always gets you through the tough times. I had to admit we don't. We have a fight band...with a catalogue of songs that have not just seen us (Brendan especially) through his ongoing cancer fight, but have pretty much always been the soundtrack to everything we do.

They're Brendan's band really, it just turns out that I quite like them too. And the kids love them.
He has seen them the last 4 times they have toured Australia, me the last 3, and we took Tyra and Baden to see them for the first time in Sydney in 2010, ( they were only six; going on seven and looked so cute in the t-shirts their dad made for them) . Bades played air guitar the whole time, not missing a song. Tyz may have fallen asleep briefly, but loved what she could stay awake for.

Not only has this band motivated Brendan through many hours of sweat and tears over the years when training, they were also our go to music whenever we travelled with the kids...not once did we have to listen to the wiggles on a long road trip. I know many parents out there just read that bit with envy.

So when we heard they were touring again in 2015, after all Brendan has been through, and the fact that their music has played a part in motivating him every step of the way, there was no way he wasn't going to try to get tickets. A small hurdle was that the day the tickets went on sale he was in hospital receiving chemotherapy, but that didn’t stop him either.

Several times he almost had four tickets secured and the site would time out. Only that the wall of his treatment cubical was ceiling to floor glass, I thought he might throw his old Samsung phone at it. It was frustrating and wasn't looking like we were going to be successful. Time was running out fast; we knew it wouldn’t take long for the tickets to sell out.   

And then it happened! Our tickets were secured, even his chemo nurse squealed with us, in delight. The Maloney's birthday presents for the coming year had been purchased. On Saturday night, the 7th of November, our little family will be going to see ACDC live in Sydney. It will be five days after Tyra and Baden turn 12 and 6 days before Brendan's next Oncology Review. (where we sit down again with Viv, to see how successful chemotherapy has been at home for Brendan, and if it is something that can be continued.)

We will be celebrating like crazy next Saturday night with ACDC and thousands of other fans! It's going to be a great night. And yes, I’m a bit excited.

For those about to Rock... we salute you!

Life’s good and hope is limitless.

Cal xx

PS: I big shout out to Kristine and Dave, you know why…we love you guys.

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