Monday, 19 October 2015

19 Oct 15 ... Birthdays are Awesome!

"It is with the wisdom of age we come to realise that the simplest things can bring the greatest pleasure."

Yesterday we celebrated Brendan's birthday in the best way. Quietly enjoying a day long celebration; it started with breakfast at his parent’s farm with his Mum, Dad and brother Lindsay. Followed by a few relaxing hours at home that included special birthday cake making madness by Tyra and Baden, a visit from my Sister Sue, her husband Michael and our niece Tori, and ended with an intimate family dinner for four at one of our favourite restaurants.

Throughout the day Brendan received phone calls and fb messages from all of his favourite people; which I would have to say was icing on the cake!

We love the simple life :)

Life’s good, hope is limitless and birthdays are awesome.
Cal xx

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