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26 Sept 15 ... #my life in a bag

bag contents most recently
This one is for the Girls....
It has been a long year!  We have settled into Brendan's treatment at home and things are going well. The other day as I unpacked our overnight bag, which has sat on our bedroom floor on and off - but mostly on, since June last year, I thought I would tackle the task of cleaning out my handbag too. 

As I up ended the contents onto the floor; it occurred to me that at every stage of my life, what was in my bag has told the story of  where I was at a particular point in my life. 

How on earth do men get through their day with just a wallet in their back pocket? 

I wish I had taken a picture at each stage... from memory, the main contents of those bags from years gone by went something like this...

Teenage years... 2 bags:
Bag 1: School port (yep.. a blast from the past, Globite)
  1. Books
  2. pencil case
  3. wallet
  4. lip gloss (Vaseline was the go to lip gloss of the day)
Bag 2: Beach Bag
  1. Coconut tanning lotion (or a concoction of baby oil and brown vinegar)
  2. Lip gloss (Vaseline)
  3. Towel & loose change
  4. Dolly/Cosmo magazine & maybe a small radio.
Life was at its most carefree.

20's/ Early 30's ...2 Bags: 
Bag 1: Work Bag
  1. Wallet
  2. Make up bag (containing real lip gloss as now I could afford it :) )
  3. Half empty bottle of coke
  4. Change of underwear in case I decided to stay in town after work
Bag 2: Large Purse/ Small Bag for nights out
  1. Lip gloss
  2. Real actual money, as in Cash
  3. ID
I don't appreciate the little things as much as I should have...too busy (or so I thought) with work and enjoying a hectic and fun social life :) 

Late 30's/Early 40's ...2 bags: 
Bag 1: Nappy Bag
  1. Everything a baby x 2, could possibly need
  2. Hotwheels cars
  3. Half eaten morsels of food that may be needed later, but were usually found two days down the track still wrapped in a napkin...Tyra Maloney!
  4. Camera
Bag 2: Handbag
  1. Nothing...because everything stayed in the nappy bag and it went everywhere!
All of my dreams have come true, I am content, happier and busier than I have ever been before.

Late 40's to 50...  2 bags:
Bag 1: Huge handbag
  1. Too many items to mention, including everyone in the family's coat, if its winter time. 
Bag 2: Large Purse or Small Bag (for that rare lunch date or night out, or when at the hospital and i have to go up the street, not wanting to lug the big bag with me - I have resorted to a bag inside a bag!) 
  1. Lip gloss
  2. Cash/Credit/Debit Card
  3. ID
As my family faces our biggest challenge, I am super busy, at times extremely stressed but also very happy. I love my family and I now understand what truly makes me happy! Life's good because life - is good.

So I am interested to know ...what does your bag/s say about your life today, and how different is it from the one you have carried as a teenager, a twenty something, a Mum and or Career Woman or a Retired Goddess!

Life's Good, Hope is Limitless
heart emoticon xx

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