Thursday, 17 September 2015

17 Sept 15 ... what does Deer mean

Brendan and I were tidying up behind our back fence today, when a deer honked at us. We turned to see its backside disappear into the bushes, and then for some reason it did a sharp turn back toward us, so that it could leap into full view, before taking off into the bush again. We looked at each other a bit gobsmacked, until one of us said “Deer!” 

Of course I needed to find a metaphysical explanation for this rare sighting, as you don't see many deer in our part of the world, especially not in our almost backyard. It is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a deer roaming free. I like what I found.

Deer Symbolism: a totem animal for peace and compassion.
Spirit Meaning: New doors are opening…just as the deer is on a life long journey, exploring new lands and pastures. So are you. The deer leaps high and far, reminding you that a leap of faith is required. This is especially so if you are experiencing periods of great change in career, relationships or life path. The Deer is reminding you to embrace the energy that comes with new circumstance, adventure and the doors that are opening for you now. Let the Deer walk beside you as you take its gentle, peaceful, compassionate energy to heart. Know that when you leap, a net appears… let go of old ideas to allow you to move forward with new. You are being guided in the right direction.

This is normally a post I would write on Callie's Quiet Room and Reiki Practice, but I have added it to the Story Of Us, as on Monday Brendan started his new Treatment Plan, and is now taking his Chemotherapy at home. A whole new adventure as the next step in this part of our journey begins. Four days in, and so far everything seems to be going very well. 
I am taking our Deer sighting today as a very positive sign,

Life's Good, Hope is Limitless
heart emoticon xx

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