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14 Sept 15 ... Managing Cancer

Last Saturday was a bit of a Brendan Maloney milestone, as he set out with the family: myself, our kids, my sisters Sue and Deb, Debs husband Andy and their kids, along with many other friends and wonderful people in our community, on a walk to support a little missing boy and his family.

Brendan hadn't walked this far on his new prosthetic leg before. It wasn’t going to be a fast walk, but it felt great to be walking along the riverbank together on such a beautiful day, an emotional day for sure, for many reasons.

What we weren’t prepared for was the heat, and the difficulties of the dance that sweat and a prosthetic leg will do. 

Learning to walk again presents its challenges. Up hill, down hill and uneven surfaces all require focus and concentration to negotiate the path ahead, at least in the early learning phase. Hopefully as time goes on it becomes second nature. Add to that a lovely layer of sweat between Brendan’s leg and the silicon sock that his prosthetic leg is attached to, and you have a leg that wants’ to spin around, fall off, or both.

As we reached the half way mark, he had to strip off to his jocks and wipe his leg and the silicon sock dry to try and fix the problem. our son Baden not leaving his side. The comment of the day came from a mate of Brendan's, who had stopped to lend a hand. “I saw you strip off and thought, I’m going to get myself some crutches. You look fit man. I’m glad my missus wasn’t there to see that!” It was very funny. 
Bren completed the walk, with his mate and family finishing it with him. 2.5 km walk, tick!

At his next amputee clinic,  he found out that there is an antiperspirant spray available, that others use when playing sport etc, so next time we’ll be prepared with that and a towel. It’s all trial and error.

Today is Chemo day again. Treatment at home, all going well, is where we want to be. Yet getting the treatment started was not as easy as we thought it might be. Or, as easy as I thought it might be. I thought that eliminating the infusions, blood work and hospital, would make the whole process easier. But just for today, it didn’t really.

Taking those 4 tiny pink tablets was a tough ask. Something he had to phsyc himself up for, not so much because they were going to make him sick, although I am sure that was part of it, more so that this was the day that he takes on another new normal, and all that that entails.

Below are the questions we asked and the answers our beautiful CNC provided, to let us know what that new normal would be, moving forward, for the months/years ahead: (depending on how far away that cure for this cancer is…because we know it’s coming :) )

Q: Will this medicine compromise his immune system?
A: He will have a lowered immune system, but not to the extent he has previously experienced with past iv chemo’s

Q: If yes, will it be compromised for the entire dose? 
A: As long as he is on any form of chemo, immune compromised will be a risk. Should something occur, he will need to be treated accordingly. This can be done through the GP.

Q: Will he be toxic; as per previous chemos, for a period of time /whole time that he is on the tablets? 
A: Yes, he will be considered cytotoxic and it is highly advised to continue with the same practices you have been conducting in the past

Q: If yes does that mean that we need to be careful with the kids using our bathroom, or when I'm cleaning the toilet etc? 
A: Yes

Our understanding is that if Brendan can tolerate this treatment, it will be ongoing, and will hopefully continue to manage the disease for as long as necessary. Giving us hope; that with time a more successful treatment will come along. There are advancements being made all the time. We never know what’s around the corner.

So things are about to get busy again, and I have a couple of requests:

  1. If you are going to pop around, we’d love to see you, but please ring first so we can let you know if it’s a good day or a bad day.
  2. If it’s a good day; we have a hand sanitiser at the front door that sometimes even I forget to use, so let’s remind each other to use it.
  3. If you feel off colour, we’ll see you another day.

Thanks Guy’s, your ongoing positive thoughts and prayers are an absolute blessing to us, we take them all on with much love and gratitude, sending them back in kind,

PS: I will be taking a little break away from Callie's Quiet Room & Reiki Practice for a couple of weeks while Bren settles into this Chemo, and may not be checking PM's regularly, but can be reached by txt   
smile emoticon

Life's Good, Hope is Limitless
heart emoticon xx

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.

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