Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 August 15 ... Young Doctors

getting a little sun and strength pre chemo week
Well it's hump day in the final cycle in this round of chemo. But for a bit of a hick-up on Monday morning that caused delays for everyone and the fact that Brendan has been bored out of his mind from the get go this time, all is running smoothly (thank goodness we got to spend a little valuable family time outdoors on the weekend prior to chemo week) ... it looks like he will be discharged sometime Saturday afternoon.

Sadly this means that we will miss the #teambrendanm function on Saturday night. We can't believe that so many of our favourite people will all be in one place at one time and we can't be there. We love you guys and are so grateful to all. I know how much work has gone into this event, and the time so many of you have given up on our behalf to organise this evening for us, both Brendan and I are again overwhelmed by the generosity of our family, friends and community. Thank you.

Being that this is the shorted post I have written for a long time, or ever,  I am going to say a quick thank you to a Young Doctor who has looked after Brendan on ward throughout this round of Chemo, and I think even a few other times throughout the last year.

Brendan & Dr Georgia
We have considered Georgia an important part of #teambrendanm for some time now and had the opportunity to tell her that yesterday, when she told us that this would be the last time she would work with Brendan, as her rotation at Lifehouse was ending. She is moving on to grace another lucky hospital with her energetic confidence, commitment to her work, and her kind and funny bedside manner. Yes, she did receive her own #teambrendanm stubbie holder! And yes, I did feel a little emotional.

I am glad I had the opportunity to tell her I thought she was a fabulous doctor. Brendan agreed and thanked her too. Throughout this cancer ride I have taken with my husband, we have been blessed to have many amazing doctors and nurses look after him. All of them working tirelessly day in and out, touching many lives not just ours, as they go about their workday, and you don't always get the chance to say the things that you want to say.

What I didn't say to Georgia was this: I don't think you realise that you didn't just do your job when taking care of Brendan; because of the Doctor that you are, you also touched our hearts. You will not be forgotten in our home; because as a part of Brendan's medical team, you have helped to make some of his toughest days a little bit easier, choosing always to turn up and do your job with a smile and a kind word. Your bedside manner is brilliant...infectious even :), and that’s not something that you learn, it is something that you have.
Among other wise words of wisdom Brendan would add this; in his words: "Don't ever lose that smile, it's killer. If it starts to go, think about what you're doing... and keep wearing great shoes!"

Thank you, we are incredibly grateful for your hard work Dr Georgia.

Life is good and hope is limitless.
Cal xx

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma

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