Saturday, 29 August 2015

29 August 15 ... Chemo Results

Dr Viv and Brendan..they are quite a team.
Sitting in the Lifehouse Clinic reception is always an anxious wait. And yesterday was no different as we waited to be called in by Dr Bhadri. Waiting for results doesn't get any easier with the amount of times you do it. It's always a nightmare.

Dr Bhadri came out to show us into his room, looking smart in a striped shirt and his kind smile. We sat down, he looked at the results on his computer and then talked them over with us.
They are both good, and not so good.

The good is that the chemo, up to now, is still managing the cancer in the spots that we knew about. Nothing is any bigger and may even appear to be sightly smaller. The not so good is that there is also something showing up in a rib on the left side and another spot on the left lung. So the rollercoaster continues.

The indication of another spot showing up is devastating to hear, and with the automatic action of a man that has had to deliver this news too many times before, Dr Bhadri pushes a box of tissues toward Brendan, while continuing to talk. We both take one. We are glad to have Viv as Brendan's doctor; we know how hard he is fighting for us. I truly believe it has been the determination of these two men, working together, that has played the biggest part in Brendan getting this far. I have no doubt, as rocky as it has been and still may get at times, that they have a long road to travel together yet. Somewhere along that road I am counting on them creating the miracle we are looking for. If anyone can, they can.

We are on to a new drug. As I understand it, Bren will trial it for 3 months and then do all the tests again. It is chemotherapy in tablet form, that can be taken at home, with side effects being monitored by our GP, who will report back to Dr Bhadri. We are looking forward to three months of treatment at home, it is far more attractive to Brendan (and the kids and I) then doing the last regime of Chemotherapy again. Bren has tolerated all previous chemos fairly well and is expected to tolerate this one too. It will be nice to be home for three months straight, all going well.

Here is what we know for sure; the two previous drug combinations have managed the cancer to this point, since his amputation. This has prevented the spots already presenting from getting larger and shown us that Bren responds well to chemotherapy, as far as managing the cancer goes and that is something we are grateful for, even if it took a good cry and a good night sleep last night to get there. 

There is no timeline that can be given, we just have to keep on keeping on until we find the miracle drug that will work in every way we want it too. It may be this next regime or we may have to manage it for years until the right one turns up. But I continue to believe that one will.
So the ride continues.
Thanks again to all who are following our story; the love, prayers and positive energy you are sharing with us is vital to Brendan’s recovery. You inspire us to keep moving forward.
Life is good and hope is limitless.
Cal xx
You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.

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