Friday, 14 August 2015

14 August 15 ...having a leg to stand on

Thursday this week marked another milestone in Brendan's story. We traveled down to Newcastle for the morning and he was finally measured up for his first prosthetic leg. As far as we know it is a good start up leg. He hopes to try it out for the first time on Monday Morning, but wont be allowed to bring it home that same day. First he has to learn to walk with it confidently. We are not sure how long that will take. This is a whole new world, but knowing Brendan as we do...he'll be out and about on it fairly soon.

Sadly the effect of sarcoma on the community in terms of disability-adjusted life years is enormous; and as in Brendan's case, something an individual diagnosed with the disease will live with for their lifetime moving forward.
This is not something many people hear about unless they are, or someone they know is personally touched by this uncommon, aggressive form of cancer.

Thankfully we are living in an incredibly innovative world, and as we personally do more research and experience more of this brave new world (to us) we have come to realise that the sky is the limit. I have seen images of others with the same amputation as Brendan running, dancing and surfing, to mention just a few, and I can't wait to see him do all of these things too. It literally means a leg for all occasions! We are going to need a bigger wardrobe! 

While waiting in the waiting room at the amputee clinic, for Brendan's to be fitted, a man came in with a broken foot, when the receptionist asked if he could sit and wait for someone to come out and see him, he replied "Oh no, that's OK, I'll just leave it with you, I'm wearing my spare." 
A pain free broken foot.... there you go, that's a plus right there! 

We are incredibly grateful to our entire team for inspiring Brendan through the love and positive energy you surround him with; helping to make this transition and the ongoing rehabilitation for him as easy as possible.
I look forward to bringing you updates on his progress.

Life is good and hope is limitless.
Cal xx
You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma.

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