Thursday, 2 July 2015

2 July 15... driving as an amputee

last drive in the city: 22 July 14
The first step was taken today to get Bren back on the road. His driving assessment is done! It doesn’t seem that getting behind the wheel again is going to be quite as easy as we first thought. Bugger!

It’s a little like three steps forward and then two back, but one step ahead is better than standing still. Driver training is coming up; then driving test and yes I'm pretty sure he said that he will be on his “L’s” again.

 It looks like a purpose built pedal will have to be added to an automatic car (we were hoping he could just use his left leg) and this can be done and signed off on at either Coffs Harbour or Sydney. It was also suggested that he wait till he is fitted with his prosthetic before getting an automatic, to make sure he fits comfortably behind the wheel when his leg is fitted. (We both have manuals at the moment, none of which Bren can drive now.)

The Physio in Sydney last week mentioned that maybe he shouldn’t rush into having the prosthetic fitted while undergoing chemo, as weight fluctuations due to treatment may hinder getting a good fit. Hopefully there isn’t a lot of chemo left to have, as this round should be over in seven weeks. Whatever the case with chemo however... having his leg fitted and then learning to use it feels like it may be a little way off yet, and of course we would like to have had him driving yesterday.

So; at the moment it feels a bit like we are running around in circles trying to catch the chicken before it lays the egg! Patience is a virtue and to this point we are doing OK with maintaining ours in all things…kind of.
Having said that; Independence Day cannot come soon enough…for either of us.

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma

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