Friday, 19 June 2015

June 15: Tuesday 16 ... as busy as a one legged man at a sports carnival!

Our school sports carnival can be a cold, windy affair. In the past it has been cancelled and rescheduled due to rain, and this year was no different. As good fortune would have it though;  due to rescheduling  Brendan and I would be home between treatments this time, and where able to go along and support our kids at their last primary school sports carnival. I have never missed one, it would have been sad to have missed this one.

 I did become teary a couple times through the day, the first after Tyz ran her last race and her aunty looked at me with tears in her eyes and said..."that's the last one! I cried when Bades finished his 200m race too." Yes my family is very sentimental and it is one of the things I love most about them. Then; the last relay was run… the girls senior. Brendan and I walked up to Tyra as her teacher gave her and her friends a huge group hug, while saying "that's your last race!" a special little moment between them that I am so glad we got to see.

There were also some very funny moments throughout the day, like watching how intrigued many of the kids were about Brendan's missing leg. A lot of them just looked curiously as we walked from event to event, and would smile. Some would just wave as they walked past, one little group of three year 3rs just kept coming back up to him wanting to play. We have known many of these kids since they started school with our two in kinder or there after. Several, who didn't already know, came up and asked what happened, and Bren patiently told them. He played a quick game of chasey with one group and had a kick of soccer with another, using his crutches. 

But it is Ava, our niece Lucas gorgeous little friend and now ours too, that made me smile the widest. Since his operation Ava has seen Brendan several times and was one of the first to come up to him to say hello today. She is an avid member of teambrendanm and wears her t-shirt proudly. Every time she see's Brendan she walks up to him and says with the cutest smile you can imagine, "Hello Brendan, you look great. You don't look any different at all." Ava is seven and it melts my heart.

So today was a great day, although long and a bit tiring, we had some laughs and I shed a few tear as our kids grew up just a little bit more... and we all got to enjoy it together.

Life is good. Hope is limitless.

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