Tuesday, 23 June 2015

21/22/23 June 15... Chemo: here we go, here we go, here we go again

 It feels like a long week already, even though everything has gone fairly smoothly as far as chemo visits go. This infusion consists of a cocktail of two drugs, one Brendan has had before, mixed with a new one.

To clarify, this is round four not eight. Each round consists of three infusions. Some of those infusions have been a day long, some three days and this round is three lots of five days. Each trip is broken up with either one week or two of recovery time... There is every chance I still have this mixed up, as I've said before it's really just mathematics, the main thing is that it gets the job done.

Another difference in this treatment is that Brendan has to go downstairs to Day Therapy every 24 hours, for the next chemo drug to be administered. As I understand it, that is because each new chemo bag has to be hung by the specialised chemo nurses down in DT, with this round.

Chemo started two hours late yesterday and that is usually the beginning of a slippery slope, as if you start late you get discharged late at home time. Bren was still in Day Therapy tonight when I left, with two beautiful nurses staying back on overtime till he could be sent upstairs…he was asleep, but I would rather have left him tucked into bed.

Side effects this round is nausea, foggy brain, compromised immune system and if the drug is not given correctly it can destroy the lining of his urinary tract. Urine has to be checked for blood each time the bottle is used.

Confidence in your team is vital and fortunately that is usually easy. We have only come across a few people in the last twelve months; that privately we have questioned their reasons for choosing nursing as their path…lovely people, seemingly odd career choice for them. Funnily enough I saw two of them tonight.

Having said that Bren seems reasonably comfortable and happy; though early days that's a good sign; and although he is still eating well he was noticeably tired by the end of today. I think it will be a long week. So I will try and share a couple of posts as we go along.

On another subject, there was a little more movement as far as amputee treatment went today. After an OT appointment with the nicest girl from Manning Base this week, Bren received a physio call from home today, regarding getting some progress going with his prosthetic. He had Gorgia; the doctor on duty, organise a LH physio to come in and see him, she will get in touch with the team at home and see what can be done to move things along. She did mention that there may not be a great benefit in getting too far ahead of himself at this point, as Brens weight will probably fluctuate from chemo to chemo, so getting a good fit for his leg under those conditions may be tricky.

We just want Brendan to be as ready as he can be for where he is with his treatment, so even to get the shrinking of his residual started I think would be a benefit…then again I don’t have any idea what the next step should be. Watch this space.

You can find more information on Sarcoma Cancer by following this link: sarcoma

Oh and a little shout out to my Mum; Dolly, who was rushed to hospital via ambulance due to what they think was a bad asthma attack yesterday. Love ya Mum, hated not being there, but I know you were well looked after by everyone at home xx

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